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Thread: Dallas / Fort Worth Scummers

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    Dallas / Fort Worth Scummers

    Hi everyone! I just moved from Austin to Dallas. Thought it might be an idea to start a thread so us scummers can get in touch, advise, show-off, nerd out, trade, give and get advice etc. I'll get the ball rolling- I'm Omar. Collect MR sabers (price now has stopped me getting the last few I wanted) but also into Sideshow / Hot Toys stuff. Perhaps a meet-up some time?



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    Hello!!! It can't just be me! This thread has had 199 views and they weren't all me!
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    Hey, I collect most of Hasbro's offerins. From 3 3/4 to the TBS6. If we're talking trades or sales, I'm looking for the TRU Imperial Hovertank Pilot, if anyone has an extra, or a store that has them in stock, lemme know. Thanks!
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    Hello everyone. Im a new collector. Just have a couple kotobukiya figures that I got on sale at gamestop and a master replica darth vader lightsaber to start my collection off. I'm collecting a certain few gentle giant, sideshow, kotobukiya figures I like but I really want to get into lightsaber collecting since it's the thing in star wars that I was always drawn to.

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    Hello Guys! Collecting is collecting. All (three so far) are Star Wars fans and that they key. Let's try and get something going here- there must be a number of Star Wars nerds in this area...

    DarthNalpiht- welcome to collecting. Some of the guys here on rebelscum have crazy collections (that I am very envious of!), but congrats on your first saber. Mine was a Vader as well- ESB. Since moving to Dallas and renting again I have space constraints, so sticking to hot toys and Sideshow 1/6 scales. It was heartbreaking moving from Austin and having to sell my Grievous PF and 501st trooper bust. No space. New job.

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    Hey guys, I'm out in Grapevine. Sorry I haven't responded, I don't usually scroll this far down due to Dallas inactivity in forums. I'm collecting BS 6 and vintage era figures and a few ships/playsets. Luckily I display a number of things at work, and my wife remains happy. I would love a man cave at some point, but I have too many kids at home right now!

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    Hello Star_Wars_Dork! Welcome! Hopefully some more people will pipe up and we can get a good nerdfest going!

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    Look forward to it!

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    Colleyville Gamestop had new BS 6 inch figures today. Picked up Leia and a Snowtrooper. Colleyville Target has BS 6 new Force Awakens wave with C3P0.

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    Good work matey! Let's try and grow this group. This is a big town- there has to be more geeks! Let's meet up and talk nerd!

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