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Thread: Dallas / Fort Worth Scummers

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    I ebayed the first release, so no need for the second. I've currently just been selectively picking up clearance figures with the thought of customizing.

    I've been wanting to create an arc trooper for sometime or some different resistance/rebel fighters.

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    Found a 6" first order snowtrooper at target today and the new 40th exclusive card set. If you like cards, these are beautiful. Going to use the snowtroopers kama for a custom.

    Nothing else new...

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    Found another BS6 R5-D4 if anyone is interested in a trade...

    ...looking for white clones, greedo, and a proto fett. Or willing to listen to options.

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    Greedo is on my to get list as well. I wish I had an extra Boba to trade with you; It's an awesome figure. They go for about $35 on eBay if you keep an eye out.

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    40 years ago, I sat on the third row at the movie theater with my brother and cousin. My brother had to read the opening scroll to me, because I couldn't read...

    I remember driving home, while lying down in the back seat looking up at the stars...thinking..."they're up there somewhere."

    What a strange phenomenon we've grown up in!

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