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Thread: Dallas / Fort Worth Scummers

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    Hey guys, DFW collector checking in. I mainly collect the newer stuff like Black Series (figures and vehicles) and Lego's but I enjoy anything Star Wars. I don't think there are other active DFW collectors communities, so it would be nice to get this one going.

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    Hey Bacon,

    I'm in the area and look through the forum a couple times a week. There is not much chatter in the DFW thread. I'm a Black Series 6 inch collector myself.

    But as of updates around my part of town...the only thing I've seen new is the Lego battle packs from R1 and a new Maul set at the Colleyville Walmart that I was unaware of from Episode 1.

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    Hey Star_Wars_Dork,

    I've been a lurker of the Rebel Scum forums for a couple of years now and finally decided to make an account. I do follow and engage others SW/Collectors communities but none are local.

    I didn't know there was a new Maul. Is he a 3.75" 5POA Rebels figure? The figure that I am hunting right is BS 6" Revan. I heard reports of people spotting him at Gamestop/Thinkgeek, but it looks like he hasn't hit the bigger retailers. Luckily, I was able to pre-order the 40th Anniversary figures before they hit stores.
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    Hey Bacon,

    Trying to keep this going...

    That Darth Maul Lego set was the last lightsaber duel in episode I, I don't have room for legos but I'm really tempted.

    Grapevine Walmart has 6 inch for $10 each (Colleyville Walmart still regular price). Alot of peg warmers, but there is a Krennic and Death Trooper up on the very top of the aisle. I bought some fill in's that I didn't really want at the beginning. But of course I always tell myself I don't want them and end up over paying on Ebay.

    Ordered the 40th R2-D2 off game stop this week from a tip off the forum. I have a mixture of droids from either black series, bandai, are disney die cast. I like the Disney ones due to the metal, but they are a bit over-sized. And I love my Bandai C3PO, so shiny!

    I'm ready for the new 6" black series wave (got the whole Revan wave a Gamestop by chance and haven't seen it anywhere else) and the 40th wave I'll try to replace my Leia with the new sculpt. I will bear down for the new Vader as well, even though I'm sure it will be over priced.

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