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Thread: Bandai: Star Wars Model Kits

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bantha_Fodder44 View Post
    I'm brand new here and have been really enjoying going through this thread. There's some really INCREDIBLE work in here. I just recently started on the 1/48th Bandai Snowspeeder myself. It's my first model since getting back into the hobby. I built mostly WWII armor as a kid, but haven't done anything like that since my preteens. Lots of inspiration here!
    Welcome Bantha_Fodder Its your first step into a new world .... and I garantee you, it will definatly NOT be your last one.

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    Welcome Bantha!!!
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    Welcome to the gang Bantha!

    The Snowspeeder is a great kit, it was my second vehicle kit. I really like the 1/48 scale of it:

    And it with some of my other builds to give a sense of scale with the 1/144 and 1/72 kits:

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    While I am here, this is my latest build - the 1/144 Slave 1 kit.

    Was my first thinking using a liquid mask to get the two tones of paint and wearing effect. It worked really well but can see where I could have done it better in some areas. Love the the detail in the engine area on this kit too.

    Will have to get my models out for a proper photo shoot at some point and not just using the phone camera

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    Thanks for the welcome! I really appreciate that.

    While we're on the topic... is anyone successfully using the cockpit decals for the snowspeeder? I had a great fear of getting the entire long side panel decals to seat correctly...given the multiple angles of I decided to cut out the individual panels and use them that way instead. Seemed a waste to toss 'em. Not sure yet how successful that idea was overall, but I'll put up a few pics in a bit and see what you guys think...

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    I didn't use them as the panels had so much raised detail in them, that it would have all been lost and the decals would not have looked good. I painted the frond and rear cockpit panels and did a simple wash on the side ones to being up the detail. Once the kit is built and with the pilots in it, you can barely see of the panels so it was a good compromise for me.

    I have not used any cockpit decals on any of my builds for those same reasons actually.

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    Yeah...that was my main concern. I knew there was no way, even with decal softening solution, that I was going to get them to settle over all that raised detail and look good. Basically, what I did was wash and drybrush the panels I didn't use the decals on and then only use the individual panels I'd cut out for the spots I thought they'd work ok on.

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    Welcome, Bantha Fodder. Look forward to seeing your work.

    That's a great Slave I, pug. Liquid mask worked out well.
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    Thanks! My stuff is nothing like what's on display here...I enjoy myself all the same though!

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    Can anyone recommend a primer for the Bandai Red 5 X-wing? I don't have an airbrush so I was looking at the Tamiya grey spray can primer but I'm nervous it's going to be too dark.

    After priming I plan to just weather it with Tamiya smoke and panel line accent, and use the decals with micro sol and set.

    Any suggestions?
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