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Thread: Bandai: Star Wars Model Kits

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    Quote Originally Posted by Real_Scooby View Post
    Yummy !!
    This is even more yummy!

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    Star Wars Bandai Model Kit Discussion Thread BARF's Feedback Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by zombombie View Post
    So my R2/R5 kit came today... how do I start turning R5 into BT-1? Any help would be amazing! Thanks!

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    I used Tamiya spray can semi gloss black for body,dome and legs and a Gold Gundam Marker for the accent color.

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    Set of Mini A-wings announced at Bandai twitter. Google translator says, set for August

    I hope they get back on track with some .72 fighters again anytime soon
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    Here we are, right off the workbench

    I will install the LED unit for the eye later, for some reason I canīt find fitting batteries. Hard to see on the photos, but since I donīt plan to install any custom LEDīs ( for now ) I did enhance all the clear parts with a drop of blue or red to bring out the lights a little.
    As you can see, I did not use the white body-panels with the big peg ( ment to fit on top and bottom ), so I can pose him any way I want.

    @Bandai : I definatly would love to get a 1/2 R2-D2 now from you, since I don't want to spend another fortune on DeAgo again, after I finish the Falcon

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