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Thread: the new hard plastic 12" figures

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    picked up the 12" scale BB-8 last night at Walmart in Old Bridge NJ. still have yet to see the Target 3 pack with him, 3PO and the other droid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThallJoben View Post
    I've been getting some of the Hasbro 12" & also 18" figures that have come out in the last several years. I did get the 12" Rey & Deathtrooper. I also got the Target exclusive C3-PO; R2 Droid; BB-8 12" scale three pack a while back. These are definitely decent figures for the price.

    That being said, I do still miss the Hasbro 1996 - 2005 line; overall, these were amazing figures & in many cases had nice cloth outfits, etc. And, the prices (average was $20 each retail) were fantastic!

    I will occasionally check the Sideshow thread & the official site sometimes to see what they're offering in the 12" (1/6) scale. And, I am glad I don't collect this line anymore; the last one I got was Momaw Nadon, in early 2011. These Sideshow & Hot Toys figures are prohibitively expensive - unbelievable. They're typically asking upwards of $250 - $300 for a 12" figure, and that's the low end. These prices have gone up exponentially since I stopped collecting this line almost 6 years ago...
    I know what you mean. I was a die hard Sideshow collector with their Universal Monster line back in the day. Both the 12" line and the 6" ish action figure line. I was thrilled when they added Star Wars to the 12" line. Went a couple good years and a couple cool comicon exclusives. Once the prices went closer to $100, I had to stop. I have all (barring a few rare or foreign variations) the Kenner/Hasbro 12". But I couldn't justify paying the higher prices. I have Kit Fisto, the holo chess set, Qui Gon, Boussh, Somewhere around ROTS I think. I have the "Vader" Anakin.

    All that said, I am happy with the Droids Hasbro is putting out last couple years. Hope they continue. And I am hopeful for the Disney 10" Elite line, as they do harken back to the good ol Kenner days, but unfortunately are too short to really fit in. At least most female characters can pass alright. I have accumulated most of the new "shampoo bottle" 12" by the good Target sales. All except Rebels I think. The RO set is actually pretty nice too, considering the sale prices..

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    I have only two of these, Agent Kallus is a great figure in my opinion, and his weapon plugs into his back armor plate so that's cool. I also own the first order TIE pilot which is decent- he looks good mixed into my hasbro 12" imperials
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    Picked up the target droid 3 pack today. The droids in this line go very well with the Disney elite premium line. Also ordered R2.

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