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Thread: Bandai Tamashii Nations Cho-go-kin Die Cast Perfect Model R2-D2

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    Ok.. he is not here but t you can order him if you ask. I just put mine in!

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    Love the new pics... Very happy I passed on the other versions and will have the duo together in all of their die cast glory.

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    I know the new Hot Toys R2 has a die cast dome, but to the best of my knowledge, there's been no word surrounding the HT C-3PO that was displayed with him. What are the odds that 3PO is die cast? I know HT recently released a die cast Iron Man, so it's not unheard of...

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    3PO could be (partly) Die-Cast but i don't see HT going that way just yet. Just like their Iron Man figures, they'll probably offer us a painted plastic version and upgrade a couple years later to a Die-Cast version and jack up the price by 50%.
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    Midtown Comics has R2 on sale for 20% off. Regular price is $289.99 and the 20% off makes the base price $231.99. Their shipping is high $27.84 but the total of $259.83 is the best I've heard of. Midtown charges you up front.
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