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Thread: Grand Admiral Thrawn

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    Thrawn just like Bodhi and the rest of the wave had brief appearances online and at retail, so they were indeed hard to find. Thrawn is popular because of his EU presence beyond Rebels though, so I think that's one of reasons people have seen so few of him. Considering the RO assortments are on clearance at Target and WM, we wont be seeing that assortment there, but its possible it might still show up at TRU, though unlikely considering the reset for FF in a week.

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    I wouldn't rule out 5 Below or other store chains.I have seen Nien Numb at Tuesady morning a few times too.I got pretty lucky with Thrawn.I have seen him a total of 2 times.

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    The Rebels Thrawn figure is as HTF as the Ponda Baba TBS 3.75" figure - both are extremely elusive. Even though I don't collect many new SW figures these days, it figures (no pun intended) that the few that I do want are so rare - LOL.

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    I have to believe Hasbro will eventually repackage and rerelease Grand Admiral Thrawn, given his popularity. They did this for the (Grand) Inquisitor after his first release proved insufficient to satiate consumers' thirst, and he's not nearly as popular as Thrawn. The grand admiral is supposed to figure prominently in the final season of Rebels, so I'm gonna cross my fingers and hope Hasbro follows its pattern with HTF figures.

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    Don't you mean certain HTF figures? Not all of them have seen a second chance.
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    Found two more of this guy, I'd love to trade one for a Fenn Rau.

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