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Thread: Celebration Orlando: Exclusives

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    Quote Originally Posted by KyloSpence View Post
    Forcechella is a LIVE BAND Karaoke event Celebration Eve at the Rising Star @ Universal City Walk
    18+ (21 to drink)
    But even if you are not going, you can get the pin for your collection!

    Follow the link to the Forcechella page and click buy now (you won't need a PayPal account, just a Credit or Debit Card)! or for Mobile:
    Limited to 200 so don't get locked out!
    $7 Pre-Order ($10 at event if any are left).
    If you can't make Forcechella and want the swag, still order! We will either meet up with you at Celebration or have it mailed to you.
    Never did meet up with this guy, paid for a pin and it has never shown up. is ignoring messages...
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    Can someone from hook me up with a gold 20th anniversary pin? Please?

    I have the two blue ones and need to complete the set. Thanks!
    This is where the fun begins!

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    ^Me three!!!
    1993 1999 2013 GO NOLES!!

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    Reedpop has some store merch on their site, including the badge set. Need to log in to see it.
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    I have an extra X-Wing Luke I picked up. I'm not trying to get rich off a scummer, but my wife will kill me if I don't get something for making her wait in line for hours. I will let it go for $90 shipped.

    Also have an extra Hallmark Blue Snag for $30 shipped.

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