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Thread: NECA General Discussion Thread

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    It's hard to get an idea on NECA's business mindset. Years ago, Randy (on Twitter) would completely sh*t on people who would ask about redos on the McFarlane AVP figures, claiming they would never sell & that people don't buy toys from movies they hate, yet years later they made them & they sold like gangbusters.
    You'd think they take some of their budget & relocate it towards practical IPs (Did anyone genuinely want Valerian figures?) Never mind I doubt Mezco would've paid substantially more for the Halloween license than NECA would have.
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    I think the big thing that changed with regards to the Predator line is they basically ran out of things to do. And the McF predators (or anything) are basically statues with 4-7 poa. Randy has been pretty upfront about Predator and Alien being the best selling lines. He also used to shoot down Machiko suggestions, but they're at a point where they're down to the comics and video games. I also wonder if the AVP preds were just to test the waters on the new molds.
    As far as practical IP's, I agree, but I recall Randy saying certain ones (Halloween, mad max) are in the hands of the the creators and basically cannot be done. Definitely weird to see Mezco getting Halloween and funko getting mad max.

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    Is there any word on if they're doing Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey figures? They had Death as an SDCC exclusive so I assumed they were right around the corner, but unless I missed something there hasn't been any updates!

    I didn't get the Excellent Adventure versions, but I guess I still may. I'm not too hot on the retro clothed figures, but there's not exactly an abundance of Bill and Ted stuff out there.
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    was able to score a Henryietta figure from Evil Dead... now I just need to find a young Ash... I have old from Evil Dead the series.
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    Isn't a young Ash from ED2 coming out soon as a 2-pack?
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    After looking at the eBay prices for NECA's Halloween figures, it would seem Mezco's $80 price tag is rather reasonable. Especially once you factor in the accessory that come w/ it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkArtist View Post
    was able to score a Henryietta figure from Evil Dead...
    Nice! Are you referring to the AvED Series 2 Henrietta? What store? Series 1 showed up at an obscure chain last year.
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