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Thread: NECA General Discussion Thread

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    Oh man! All that awesome Alien and Godzilla!
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    See you around, kid.

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    Lord_Marvel, what is the large Rodan figure on your top shelf? I don't recognize it, but it's really cool!

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    Lord_Marvel, I hope you're doing ok in H-Town. Let us know if you need any help. Hopefully you haven't been affected to much.

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    If anyone's looking for the Blade Runner 2049 figures, has them in-stock for $19.99 each.
    See you around, kid.

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    So, NECA announced a line of IT figures coming next year! Hells yeah!
    Feedback thread
    Don't need a somewhat newer jocular since the older legacy collection hypnosis arena two pack jocular is still great and thing is that do all attack of the Clones Jedi figures really need jedi robes?

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    I'm really hoping the license includes the Tim Curry Pennywise.
    See you around, kid.

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