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Thread: Iron Studios 1/10 statues

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    Are these guys at Celebration..., does anyone know?
    "Look Sir, Droids"

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    plenty of new statues up for order or on the way
    Jedi Luke Force Awakens
    Force Awekens Stormtrooper
    Luke in Stormtrooper Gear
    Rogue One Trooper
    Jyn Erso
    Han and Chewie Force Awakens
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    Just picked up Shazam statue that they did. Next up on my list is X-wing Luke and the Ghostbusters.
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    I recently got the X-Wing Luke from Secret Compass. I'm very pleased with how it turned out and will likely order the other two Lukes.

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    Can't wait to look at new ones Is has in the works.
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    I'm wondering if they have any Boba Fett statues planned? I'd love to see what they'd do with this character.
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