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Thread: McQuarrie Darth Vader Statue

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    Which helmet comes with yours? I'm sorry I haven't looked much into the regular version. The one on display at Celebration was being shown with the same style helmet as the famous McQuarrie duel painting. This one:

    It's also interesting how they changed the look of his cape. To be honest, I liked more the flowing style of the cape in the concept drawing, rather than the more relaxed look of the second one. To me the look of the concept drawing made the statue look more majestic, sort of like the Obi-Wan Mythos. Nonetheless, it is still a great looking statue, really tall with the base.

    First design:

    Second and final design. This is how it was shown at Celebration:

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    The picture you've shown is the helmet for the regular release, I'd have preferred the helmet with the more pronounced triangular mouth piece but I didn't realise they were selling different ones this time, unlike the Mythos statues where they sold one type 'exclusive' to everyone..., my own fault for not checking but now it'd be too costly to change to buying direct.
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    I have the exclusive preordered because i love the alternate helmet....but am on the fence to keep this as room is a premium and am in the midst of putting together a first 79 run....i just dont know lol

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