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I have felt exactly the same way as you about McQuarrie's work. Indeed some of his work should have been transferred to the screen exactly as he drew it. Incredible talent , indeed.

It's sad you sold your McQuarrie signed prototype piece, but if it was to get yourself in a better position due to your divorce, then it was worth the loss. The good thing is that you are now remarried and can look forward to better experiences. congrats on your marriage, by the way!

Lastly, thank you for your kind words about my display room. It is my hibernating cave, where the rest of the world vanishes, and I'm suddenly entered into one I can completely control to my desires. It's been said : "A man's home is his castle, but his man-cave is his sanctuary" I'm sure many of us feel that way.
Thanks, at the time McQuarrie was still alive and though I got a decent price for it which did help with paying her alimony while separated (which I thankfully did not have to do once the Divorce was settled) it sucked. It actually really stings now as he has passed on and I'll never touch that piece again for anywhere near what I paid for it. Add on my love and appreciation has only grown for McQ as an artist the older I get and it was a rough piece to lose.

I'm very happy with my wife now, I even say if I had met her first she would of been my only wife but what can you do LOL?

My wife calls my room my sanctuary too or my "special place" where I literally shut the door and relax. We all need that for sure!