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Thanks for the comments.

LS, I have a great deal of respect and vision of McQuarrie. Great that the companies are producing statues, busts and props that reflect his designs.

I missed the Cartamundi cards, so now on the hunt for them. I did find the four Celebration aces, so thanks for the heads ups.
You are welcome. Happy to know you have such high level of respect for this visionary artist. I'm always pleased to know McQuarrie fans. I missed on the Cartamundi McQuarrie deck of playing cards while at Celebration. At the time I was more into getting to the McQuarrie Han Solo bust by GG, and I had no idea this deck was being offered there. It wasn't until the day after I'd left the convention that I was looking on Ebay for Celebration exclusives, and I noticed two of these decks had been sold. I looked and looked regularly for another deck until recently one popped up, made a deal with the seller and got it for retail price plus shipping. It was listed as a "McGuire" deck of cards, so if you are looking for one on Ebay, try looking for it with a misspelled name as well. Very nice of Cartamundi to have come up with all this attention to McQuarrie as part of celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars.

Let's hope there's more McQuarrie product coming from SS, GG, and other companies. As for now I'm awaiting the arrival of a McQuarrie Darth Vader mini helmet by WonderGarage. It is made in the same scale as the Riddell and MR of the past and only 40 of them being produced. This one will go perfect with the McQuarrie mini busts in my collection and as part of the McQuarrie display area. One day I hope to get to the 1:1 McQuarrie Darth Vader helmet by eFX like yours. That's a beauty! If only I had the room for that piece!