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I could think of like some ideas for battle packs:

Resistance Leaders: Connix, Holdo, Ackbar and a guard
First Order Command: Canady, Gunner, Officer and Technician
Canto Blight Denizens: pick 3 aliens, police officer with cape
Resistance Forces: Random troops (male, female, technician)
Ahch-To Guardians: 2 Lanai nurses, Luke in cloak (no hood), Thala-Siren and Porgs
Resistance Pilots: A-wing male, 2 x wing pilots, bomber pilot (mix male/female)
Snoke’s Guard: 3 Praetorians Snoke’s Unknown Region attendant (in purple)
Heroes of the Rebellion: Ghost Yoda, Luke in flashback robes, Leia Crait and Chewbacca with Porg roast
First Order Troopers: Storm Trooper with heavy gun, Snowtrooper, Stormtrooper Commander, Executioner Trooper
Droids: Buford Loading Droid, White medical droid, B.B8 with trashcan diguise, Waiter droid

At least half of these would have made an appearance in the old days...before the dark times...before the new Hasbro
All great ideas! The Hasbro of 10 years ago would be all over this....