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Thread: The Last Jedi Toys - General Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterfett View Post
    Yep, If an A-Wing is released. It will most likely be Hera's repainted.

    I thought we already got one, didn't we?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vorax View Post
    I guess all the BS Kylo's may make for a good base for any potential Knights of Ren figures in articulated form, as am not sure they'll get a BS 3.75 release.
    I think Hasbro already assumed that collectors would buy the extra Kylos and do just that, so we probably won't see any of the KoR in the WM TBS line for that very reason.

    Collector: Will we see the KoR in the Wal-Mart TBS line-up?

    Hasbro: Didn't you guys already customize the KoR, so we don't have to make them? We thought you guys already had them, so we didn't plan them.
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    That's odd, I don't remember that question from the Q&A. And Hasbro doesn't let Customizing dictate what they'll release, remember...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterfett View Post
    Yep, If an A-Wing is released. It will most likely be Hera's repainted.
    Ugh, those Nerf launchers! I've never even seen Hera's ship here in Canada, but my god, the Nerf! If anything, I'd rather them re-do the PoTF II mold.

    Come to think of it, was there ever a new A-Wing sculpted between '97 and '16? The only ones I've ever had were the PoTF II ones. Did they just repaint that one for all those mid-2000's releases?
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    I just hope they step it up another notch. The sculpts for RO are significantly shaper than the TFA ones were. Some RO figures still managed to have pretty cheap looking paint apps (the human likenesses, mostly) so if they're not going to throw in another point or two/three of articulation (at least give us back waist articulation) then I hope the sculpts and paint will be even more improved. I'd be down for more BAD. It is extremely unlikely since Disney is making a killing on them at the theme parks and they'd probably like to keep that exclusivity intact, but they'd be so welcome over the BAWs that I literally throw away within seconds of opening the figures. Including BADs making collectors buy figures they otherwise wouldn't is exactly the point, I'm okay with that if it means we get more R2's, R3's, R4's and R5's. Heck they don't even have to paint 'em, just give us unpainted customizable parts, I'd love that.
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    Like the old original droid factory from the 80s
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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterfett View Post
    Yep, If an A-Wing is released. It will most likely be Hera's repainted.
    Or they will just repack ther very same one with the same Hera figure into TLJ packaging.
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    Do we know the A wing is in it? I havnt been following movie intel lately.
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    There's a BTS photo when the British Royalty visited the set & in one of the photos there's an A-Wing.
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