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Thread: WIP : Real Scoobys Build a Hunk of Junk

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    Stunning work! Well done!

    Best regards,


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    Not finished as mentioned last update I demounted the top back end for easier handliing. Took me the whole day to ALMOST finish the engine cover. Still need a few color touch-ups, but I want to let the glue settle over night.

    Starting point after Issue #93 ( Mainparts assembled and repainted )

    First bunch added from #96

    Second bunch added from #97

    #98 part added

    and the last parts from #99

    With still some weathering work missing here and there, I am pretty satisfied how it turned out at this point. I am positivly surprised how the seams from the main parts are hidden, only visible when you know where to look at
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    Absolutely AMAZING work here, man! I can't stress enough how awesome that looks...

    As a sidenote, it's funny to look over the details of the kit closely... you can pick out a lot of pieces of the donor kits that went into detailing the original filming miniature. For example... the German Panther tank engine decks behind the heat radiating panels and the Flat-12 engine block halves on the front of the mandible. There are also idler arms from several different types of WWII tanks, torsion bars from German Panther or Tiger tanks, a Tiger I front glacis plate, the rear idler wheel from a German Panther, return rollers from German Panzer IV's, idler wheels from American Sherman tanks and individual track links from several different types of tanks used as detail parts here and there.
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    Also noticed schürzen from both a PzKpfw IV and Panther, the engine deck from a Tiger I, the front half of a Panther upper hull, the front half of an M4 Sherman hull, the engine deck louvers from a PzKpfw IV, the track maintenance tool stowage bracket from a Panther, and a couple of Allied gas cans.

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    Thank you Bantha ... and mate you really do know your kit-bashing

    Final pictures coming soon before I put that behemoth to the wall

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    Thanks! WWII armor used to be my forte'. So many of those items are so ingrained in my memory that they leap out at me from the Falcon. Can't wait to see the conclusion of this one! I'm in awe of your prowess!

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