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Thread: WIP : Real Scoobys Build a Hunk of Junk

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    Latest delivery arrived yesterday, #66 - #69

    *engine cover assembled
    *3 top recesses assembled
    *replacement cockpit hull assembled
    *replacement turret window frame re-lined

    although the upper jaw and the removeable panel part are coming next month, I might start priming coming weekend
    Keep you updated

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    Wow! Your falcon will turn out great!
    I am at issue #45 just right now but didn' t have the
    time to start with the built.

    Echt cool! Tolles Weathering!

    Best regards / Liebe Gre,


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    All currently available parts of the upper half are primed, with my main color "Cappucino". Next week the upper jaw with the removeable panel should arrive. When these two are primed too, I start adding the colorpanels followed by a layer of black wash. After that I finaly can asseble the upper shell and start detailing
    I know, it does look pretty beige-ish, but it brightens up when I am done drybrushing after black-wash

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    Issues #70 - 73 arrived this week.

    *removeable upper-Jaw part assembled and primed
    *sensor dish assembled and primed
    *main grey and red color panels added. the lightgrey, yellow... panels will be added during weathering process

    Next steps: Will black-wash all parts and attach everything to the frame this weekend.

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    Black-wash finished. Now wait till everything has dried again, then I finaly can attach everything to the frame

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    Everything attached to the upper frame. Surprised by pretty perfect fit

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    Little update

    *weatherd and mounted the pits
    *cockpit fully assembled
    *dry-brushed the hull with my main color. The engine cover will be done later, I want to concentrate on detailing the rest first

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    Great weathering, Scoob! Your paint station already looks like it could be used as an asteroid's surface base.

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