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Thread: WIP : Real Scoobys Build a Hunk of Junk

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    Another little section finished

    Next step will be the turret and all its surrounding panels. This painting step is soooooo time consuming

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    Had a little break, but today I finished the turret sector

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    Rear right-hand "lil scar"-section finished

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    And another section finished

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    Almost there ... just the center jaw left

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    "jaw" finished

    and now, ladies and gentlemen, behold the finished ( for now ) belly

    pretty satisfied how it turned out, I really was worried to mess it up. Need to darken the yellow panel on the ramp a little
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    Congrats! You did a great job!
    Echt cool! Bin begeistert! Hut ab!

    Best regards/ Beste Gre,


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    Thank you, Captain_Solo
    Dank dir

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    Issues #58 - 61 arrived yesterday

    not much do to, except to continue on the upper frame and to install battery box. Thinking of it, when the ship is fully assembled how the hell to change the batteries when needed ? The screws that hold the clip are only accessable through the inside ... Guess I will check for a fitting AC adapter.
    Anyway, next month this structure should be finished and then I will start attaching and painting the top hull.

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    Another month, another delivery.... still not much to see

    Finished the upper frame

    collected hull parts up to current issue #65
    I will start attaching and painting when all of the top platings arrived. If I counted right, this should be with the june-delivery.
    Unfortunatly, due a bit of glumsyness off myself, I needed to reorder the issues for the top turret and the cockpit hull

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