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Thread: DVaderFan's Palitoy Style DEATH STAR

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    DVaderFan's Palitoy Style DEATH STAR

    Based on the Palitoy cardboard Death Star playset, and using the same shape and dimensions.

    Obviously this is a very quick, and roughly cut version Ė only using photo card paper, nothing is properly secured, and I havenít attached all of the floors, or the bridge, but it gives an impression of what an updated version could look like!

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    That's a neat idea. I like how you made a throne room.

    My two cents would be 1] the realistic/cartoon look is a bit distracting and 2] your scale is all off! That thing won't hold even micro-machines! That would make a great Xmas ornament though! I did the same thing with the Lakeside Haunted Mansion Game.

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    Utinniii, the scale is perfect, don't let that giant binder clip in the background fool your eye!

    Seroiusly though, this is a great project and something I'd love to see you see through to a complete version compatible with figures. I would be especially interested in your ideas for an update on the laser cannon on the top?

    I did something like this last year but did not follow the Palitoy engineering or layout at all.

    Someone around these parts had started a project years ago to update all the Palitoy panels to realistic movie versions, but I don't think it was ever completed (or posted if it was.) There it is...
    it was Rogueknight and here's one of his updated panels...

    Two different approaches but both worthy of completion I think!

    Good job!

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    These would be great attached to corrugated plastic, I look forward to making a set when the files are fully available (this is an offer for beta test). For added strength, the corrugated plastic can be glued double ply criss-cross with superglue (strong!), hotglue (very good), or even glue stick (ok).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muftak View Post
    I would be especially interested in your ideas for an update on the laser cannon on the top?
    I'll probably adapt one of these, not screen accurate, of course, but it just has to be a big gun up there!

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    Any progress on this?
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