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Thread: Darth Vader's Castle...WIP

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    Darth Vader's Castle...WIP

    I have started working on an idea for a large cardboard playset based on Vader's Castle from "Rogue One." I have been looking over reference material and yesterday spent some time sketching out the dimensions in PhotoShop so that I can start drawing the wall panels and floors. I usually drop a thread here when the work is done, but I want to try a diary of the process this time, like I did some 15 years ago here in my "Modular Death Star" thread. (It's old, a lot of the old formatting shows and later pictures have been lost.)

    I am going to try to build this thing to resemble the Castle tower exterior from the front, with an open back to allow for play and/or display with 3 3/4" figures. It's not going to be to scale in any way, just a playset with different environments represented on each of its 4 interior levels.

    Here is the sketch I did yesterday to figure out dimensions:

    I will post updates in the future as this thing moves along. Thanks for looking!

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    You mad, magnificent, son of a gun! I'm super excited to see this!
    If and when you make these available for sales, don't even bother with a link, just PM me paypal invoice!

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    I'm glad you are finally getting back to this. (Still needs the Droid Dojo though!)

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    Cannot wait to see this baby! It's great to see things that have never been done before (that I know of). Lol @ Pete I know what you mean!
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    Thanks for all the enthusiasm. In truth Vader's Castle was not my first pick, I was going to do the Scarif Citadel Tower...but my son really really wanted Vader's Castle (he remembers me squealing like a little girl for its big reveal when we went to see Rogue One together) so I put the decision up for a vote on my FB page...

    ...and I was surprised how well the Castle did over the Citadel, so here we are.

    Got a little bit of drawing for it done this past week, I will keep plugging away...

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    I took the time today to build a prototype out of chipboard, just to get final "real world" dimensions before drawing any more of the textures in PhotoShop.

    I got a huge order of chipboard in this weekend and I've been itching to cut this thing out. My local craft store has been struggling to keep it in stock, so I went with an online order and ordered in bulk for the savings. I got a couple of double-thickness sheets too to try out, and I can see using it for the floor pieces, as even at this relatively small a size I am noticing some sag in the interiors.

    Pretty happy with how the window turned out. The floor on that level will also have some cardstock printed greeblies hanging down to simulate the lava refinery. I haven't decided if I am adding a "base" floor or not. I don't think it needs it.

    I think I need to tweak the spires/rabbit ears a bit still. The gradual angles read as straight with them floating out in the air like that. Plenty of time to figure that out.

    It is plenty of fun to build a big old model like that again. My 8-year old son's jaw dropped when he saw it and he said "that's huuuuuuuge!" before grabbing my new Wampa to attack Vader on the outer edges. It works!!!

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    That is huge!
    It looks great so far.

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    Yes! Looking great so far! Can't wait to see more.

    Honestly a bottom floor might add something, just because you'd have a lot of added floor space down there, and it may help add a little support. But either way, it works.

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    So is the lowest level for the Mustafar miners? Cause that would be neat. :{J
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    Sorry I missed the question, KypDurron420, the answer is: yes, the bottom-most level is going to be where the "lava refinery" is, where the lava river cuts through the building. From the movie scene, it looks like Krennic and Vader have their conversation directly above the lava, and the platform definitely has that "Carbon Freeze Chamber" nod of industrial machinery, so I will run with that in the details.

    I am going to add a floor at the bottom for details of the lava river.

    I have been plugging away at all the interiors graphics, the entryway is really intricate. I took a break from that and knocked out the Bacta Room walls, it is going to be a roundish room with 7 facets:

    The control room above this is an off-screen creation, I am trying to think of something fun for that rather than just a big computer with red paneling and green vector screens.

    Thanks for looking!

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