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Thread: Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie)

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    It shocks me to the point of absolute amusement how there were thoughtful, even aspiration characterization, along with captivating storytelling in an animated series— and supposedly for children, than in every and any aspect of this Sequel. How this Sequel has completely devolved into nothing more than superficial, hollow PC gimmick- ridden, thinly-veiled as anything progressive is nothing more than transparent exploitation on Disney’s part. The Sequel and its cast are all Saturday-morning cartoons fodder. Good for them for having convinced some that “it’s about time” as a poster claimed, that his little girl has these “empowered” female role models to look up too… I guess George’s SW— and The Clone Wars animates series were full of he-man, women-hating stench… LOOOL

    Ventress wa an impressively rounded character, as was Ahsoka. My initial reaction to The Clone Wars Movie and the animated series was dismissive. But after giving it a chance, and it’s not without its faults and shortcomings; the animated series is riddled with more misses than hits… But the strong parts/epiosdes are so solid. George’s Prequel-Anakin and Obi-Wan were awful individuals— I mean, all of George’s Prequel characters were poorly-developed, awful people (except for Watto) LOL And the animated series evolved them into the kind, passionate mentor and the talented, noble, admirable but ultimately cursed Padawan that were always meant to be. And Ventress and Ahsoka have become two of the most well-written, developed and outstanding individuals in AGFFA. These are strong characters— not just strong “female” characters. Both little boys and little girls could find these two inspiring. What is there of Phasma that anyone could possibly find interesting, let alone inspiring? …Other than… she ’s also Brienne…?

    Frankly, I’m glad for this backlash since it actually has restored a little bit of faith in the masses that they won’t put up with such a sloppy, awful product— no matter how aggressive the hype, nor gimmicky the PC-veneer.

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    So, anyway, despite her lack of screen time (again!), I'm glad Phasma had an actual fight scene this time.
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