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Thread: Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie)

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    I like Gwendoline Christie but in interviews concerning the "character" Captain Phasma she really is full of shi* talking completely out of her a** concerning the characters development (corporate videos written all over it so I give her the benefit of the doubt).
    Actors do this all the time. It's not exclusive to Star Wars. They exaggerate their character's importance in interviews because what else are they really going to say? "Yeah, I play a character called Captain Phasma. I really don't do much. Thanks for watching." No, they puff it up a little bit. Especially, like you alluded to, when they're part of the promotion machine for a huge blockbuster movie produced by a giant film studio. It's just business as usual. I understand that a big part of the issue with Phasma is that some people feel like the hype didn't match what they saw onscreen. That's a fair point, but I have a hard time believing people went to see TFA because they were on the edge of their seats waiting to find out what that silver Stormtrooper was all about, and then experienced crushing disappointment after watching the movie.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alluvialdamper View Post
    Phasma is a total none-character, like unfortunately most of the new characters except of Rey and Finn and they have their problems too. As long as Star Wars under Disney isn't capable to pull it off to care for any of those characters it really doesn't make any sense to discuss this any further. RLM put it best naming her "Captain Toy". That's really all she is at the moment.
    It's a little bit unfair to blame Disney for not developing characters when you could really say the same thing about the OT. How many OT characters can you really say are well-developed? Luke, Han, Vader, MAYBE Leia, and...who else? How much do we really know about Lando by the end of ROTJ? Tarkin is essentially the main villain of ANH and we learn exactly nothing about his character. These are just examples and to be clear I'm not knocking the OT by any means. These characters serve their purposes from a dramatic standpoint and that's really all I expect from them. But I guess my point is I'm not sure why Phasma is being held to this weird standard where everyone expects her to be this complex, nuanced character and then acts like they've been cheated when it's not the case.

    As for "Captain Toy," I actually think that's funny. But Phasma is hardly the first Star Wars character that was created, at least in large part, because he or she would make a cool looking action figure.

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    Phasma is different because she was built up to be a strong female villain in Star Wars, which was supposed to be a first. This pushed forward not just by the actress but the production and production material as well. At the time some people found it odd that gender was such an important part of this character. The production made it a point to highlight how the casting of this character was very important and the actress chosen neeeded to be a woman who embodies strength and is a force to be reckoned with.

    When the movie was released it became obvious how insignificant the character turned out to be when compared to the "important female villain in Star Wars" talk.

    I don't care how intellectually dishonest a person's no shock that many viewers can sense what happened here. It was identity politics being shoe horned into this movie. Phasma had less of a roll than zam wessel.

    The OT characters you listed became pop cultural icons.

    Thats the difference.
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    Let’s tell it like it is…

    Casting Gwendoline in the role of Phasma was purely to cash in for her huge popularity as Brienne. Nothing more. Why people are fooled into believing that Disney is doing anything progressive socially/politically is hilariously naive. Like SW never had a no-nonsense, one-of-the-boys woman at a time when all the sic-fi “princesses” were dressed as Vegas showgirls...

    Gwendoline brought absolutely nothing remotely fresh to her forgettable role in, in a forgettable, obnoxiously reductive movie. She’s absolutely not to blame though; I imagine her handlers and JJ insisted she just phone in her role as Brienne for Phasma so they could easily hook in the GoT demographic. It’s all so transparent and corporate with nu-SW (thank you Cobalt for branding that title!).

    (Can’t remember if she took her helmet off since I would never suffer through TFA again, but thank goodness the armor didn’t include “boobs” as any silly EU-design would likely go for— that, and likely a midriff-revealing and booty-exaggerated armour design… So there you go: My once decent praise towards TFA...)
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