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If she was merchandised as much as the other characters and even more than some of the leads that implies she was prominently featured during the film's PR campaign. Yes, it was the look and the prospect of a cool, new SW character but, I think it did create a sense of expectation that she was going to be a little bit more prominent than she was in fans' minds. So I do feel Disney/Lucasfilm played some part as well as the fans/media. And that is why the fallout from her hype being disproportionate to her actual role was pretty vocal. I think a lot of that has died down now and-if anything-going into ep.8 she does seem to be more of an afterthought this time among fans. I guess we'll see how it all plays out in the coming months.

The GC interviews are curious because I get the sense that she seems unaware of the diminished role of her character. I wonder if that was the case but, I haven't really seen anything from her post-TFA So I can't say for sure anyway.
Being featured on merchandise is not an indication of a characters role in the movie. This happens being the image is "cool" and "marketable".

I don't recall how prominent Christie herself was in the Lucasfilm promotional campaign (interviews, etc), but Ridley, Boyega and BB-8 seemed to the main focus of it.

I think "fallout" is a bit extreme. It isn't like it hurt the box office or will negatively impact TLJ. People, myself included were disappointed, but speaking for myself I had only expected more of Phasma because of the fact that they had cast Christie (as opposed to an unknown) and that Abrams had said the character and working with Christie was a one of his favourite things about this project. In regards to the character, he was talking about the costume and how Christie brought it to life. In regards to Christie, he may have been talking about the fact she was so enthusiastic about the role despite having not much to do - or that she was cool with the fact he had to cut some scenes. I am making an informed guess here based on Christie's enthusiasm whenever she talks about it and the fact that Abrams is known for informing actors himself of significants cuts that affect their screen time.

About the interviews, as I said Christie's enthusiasm is obvious and it is the job of an actor in a main/supporting role to promote the movie, not to say "I'm only in a bit". The intention seems to be to expand her character in the next two films - they can't fit everything into film.