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Thread: Gabe26's Collection

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    Gabe26's Collection

    So after 4 years of serious replica collecting and countless sessions convincing my wife that our house would not look like a man cave....she finally agreed to let me display them. I first had a room dedicated to my replicas, but after my youngest daughter was born, I had to give that room up to the baby.... So I had to "blend" the replicas in with the house hahahah. Well after getting only a few replicas vetoed, I can finally share my collection so far. (I will update as new ones get placement around the house)

    Pending Star Wars Replicas
    Anovos: snow trooper helmet(weathered), kylo ren helmet, Darth Vader Helmet , Phasma helmet
    EFX: Legend Biker Scout Helmet, LE Biker Scout Helmet

    Here are some of the posters the wife let me put up in a hallway.

    Another area

    This is my baby boy! Full RC, Legacy R2D2

    Starting a new display for my helmets and sideshow stuff. Don't pay attention to the Han Solo in Carbonite because I'm still in the process of finishing that build so the paint looks bad.

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    You could have at least cleaned up R2 before you brought him in the house. Really nice collection!

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    You have one awesome collection! Thanks for sharing.
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    Wow amazing stuff man! Some absolute gems in there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabe26 View Post
    .... So I had to "blend" the replicas in with the house hahahah.
    Nicely 'blended' - it took me a while to spot any Star Wars stuff at all. How did you get away with that?! Another great room.

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    Superb collection... very classy... and awesome ¡¡¡
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    Wonderful collection!

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    Love your choices! Really cool BB-8!
    Always looking for more Yodas in great condition no matter the completeness! Also Amanaman's staff!!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by RediNight View Post
    Love your choices! Really cool BB-8!
    hahaha thanks! We made pumpkins for Halloween with my kids and that one was mine. Here is a finished shot

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