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Thread: FS: PT + OT + EU Collection

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    Bumping again Price 1600€
    "Never tell me the odds"

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    Interested in a couple of busts. PM sent.
    nWo 4 LIFE!
    [-o-] (-o-) [-o-]

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    Talon, Thrawn, Malak, Shae, Han Solo, Maul and the Shadow Guard are reserved.

    Very interested in selling the rest, I am a reasonable offer guy
    "Never tell me the odds"

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    Revan and Starkiller are sold. The rest will go to the one that wants them at good prices
    "Never tell me the odds"

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    Commandos and Nihilus gone to. No one likes that Malgus?
    "Never tell me the odds"

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    Nihilus and Commandos are sold! Anyone interested in the rest? I am very open to negotiate. Also, any interest on the 1st Boba or other PT/OT busts? I might be willing to depart with some of my old busts in order to don't have repeated characters.
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    "Never tell me the odds"

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