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    Anyone else think this show has a Lost , dharma initiative feel to it?

    Also noticed Syd's earrings looked a lot like the ladder he was climbing
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    Man this last episode was so boring. Complete turnaround from the way the last two were starting to gain momentum.
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    This show definitely isn't for everyone, but I l've been loving the show so far. Last night's "Feeling Good" sequence was amazing. Aubrey Plaza is killing it.

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    There was apparently a second promo for next weeks episode where they finally say who the Demon with the Yellow Eyes is. Cary says his name is
    "Amahl Farouk, the Shadow King". Called it.
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    Yep. When they first said the yellow eyes in the first episode, my first thought was Mystique (the X films would always identify her with the yellow eyes flashing), but once we saw the visual of him, he did look somewhat like the comic character that he will turn out to be (minus the hat).
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    The last episode was not that great, but the two before it were good. Hopefully they can get the show back on track. I'm curious if any of these other characters are in the comics? Does Jean Smart's character have any powers?
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    Wow! I loved this episode. The 10 minutes of silent action was great. What I like the most about this show is it is finally something in the X-men universe that I don't know the basic story and they keep you guessing if you did. What time frame is this supposed to be? I thought the sixties base did on the way everyone is dressed and the atmosphere, but something David's sister says makes me think it is much more current. I won't be surprised if we find out everything has been in David's mind since the beginning, and this is the one case where that won't upset me. Then Season 2 can start fresh again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brewser View Post
    Anyone else think this show has a Lost , dharma initiative feel to it?
    Definitely. "The Prisoner" comes to mind, as well.

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