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Thread: Mighty Men and Monster Maker & fun Vintage games

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    Quote Originally Posted by Utinniii View Post
    I hadn't seen that. It's pretty funny!

    Thanks! Heck, I'd pay $4.

    I don't really care to know the true value of them but I've seen people asking $50 CAN for the pair.

    Thanks, mate. Robot Chicken suddenly came to mind when I saw Boglins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Utinniii View Post
    I was looking at the Masher figures and trying to remember what I played with when I was younger. Eventually I realized it was the Micronauts figures (or possibly Mr. Potato head) but first thought of another beloved toy. Anybody remember the Mighty Men and Monster Maker?

    One could make monsters (and I guess superheros) by putting in plastic plates of the head, torso and legs. Then by rubbing a crayon over the plates, the character would appear. They also had texture plates for fur and scales.

    Anyone ever play with this? I know it is low tech but I really liked it.
    Anyone still own one?

    I wish someone would make an electronic version of this (or I could play with a real version for an hour or so and relive childhood memories.

    Other games I liked were Creepy Castle, Chopper Strike and possibly my favourite game was Lakeside's Haunted Mansion. I was so sad when we lost that in a basement flooding.

    What are some of your favourite vintage games?
    I bought a sealed one about 10 years ago. What's wrong with me. I played with it quite a bit when I was 10 or so.

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