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Thread: New Elite Statues

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    The 1:5 scale statues are very much more impressive compared to the 1:10 scale but size always adds to the wow factor I find, the 1:10 scale statues are very nicely made though & well worth owning..., I’d like to see more new statues in both scales & it looks like they want to keep both lines going, even if at a slower pace.
    "Look Sir, Droids"

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthdroideka View Post
    Also a Yoda in 1/5. I sure miss the days of 1/5 Attakus statues. I use to get so excited what they had planned. I would guess once they complete the repeats they are going to start some new 1/10
    Where did you see a new Yoda 1/5th scale is coming?

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    Attakus announced a while ago a 1/5 Yoda.

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    Apparently it's the same pose as their 1:1 Yoda prestige statue "using the force" but in 1/5 scale:

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