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Thread: New Elite Statues

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    I know collectors who own the original 1/5 scale pieces may not be as happy to be getting smaller scale re-releases, but I'm always glad to have more "inexpensive" choices when it comes to collecting Star Wars pieces. Not to mention smaller quality pieces, that take up less space. It probably also doesn't hurt that I don't own any of the original pieces.

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    I'd like them to make the Gamorrean Guard in the 1:10 scale line, it's one of my favourite Attakus pieces & I've always fancied getting a second but space limitations have stopped me, that wouldn't be a factor in the smaller scale though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LightSword View Post
    The good thing is that they appear to be back in full force. As collectors that gives us the opportunity to collect again from a company I believe has produced some magnificent sculpts and has the potential to continue doing so. Good times ahead!
    Hopefully they'll soon have more new scultps, I can't wait to see what they will do with Rogue One characters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturm86 View Post
    Hopefully they'll soon have more new scultps, I can't wait to see what they will do with Rogue One characters.
    I'm sure they'll be able to produce a great looking Shoretrooper.
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    I wish they'd do some proper new statues, I do like what they make & it's been great to get some of the ones I missed out on in the bigger scale but there's an endless number of characters they could & should be doing. I'm still waiting for Commander Bacara for starters, they made the other Commanders after all so it's an irritation for me not to have him in the set. I'd love to see an AT AT Driver too as that's one of my favourite troopers..., I won't do a list as it will be very long. lol
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    I've emailed Attakus in France two times in March and April about new Star Wars figures, no reply from them and no infos or updates -except the supposed new Elite Jango Fett that's announced on their website for "2017" but it's there since the begining of last year. Not really sure what they are doing
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    They aren't the greatest at communication but I've had responses when commenting on their Facebook page in the past. There are a fair few new releases in the pipeline but no definite release dates as yet.
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    Agreed. Their communication is aweful. I've emailed them twice about the exclusive figurines for the Millennium Falcon and Death Star did. No response.

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    Posted on Statue Forum that Attakus showed on French tv a video that had Jabba Elite and Han in Carbonite. Plus new Darth Maul sculpt not sure what scale.

    New Darth Vader
    New R2
    New C3PO TFA
    Rey BB8
    Luke Yoda
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    They have 7 new statues coming for November : (except Jango Fett that should be available in October).
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