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Thread: Vegas Collectors Board #22: 2015 - 20??

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthVegas View Post
    Hello all, local Vegas collector here. Can't wait to see the new movies, really haven't purchased anything from the new movie lines besides the Disney interactive R2-D2 and BB8, plus the Disney diecast Poe & Resistance X-wings (4 of each). I'm more into the Mythos and Premium Format line.

    Hello DV...Yeah, I dont collect much Hasbro anymore...the occasional figures from SDCC and some of those Disney Die-Cast figures. But my main focus is Hot Toys and Sideshow...

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    Wanted to let all my fellow Vegas and Henderson scummers know that the target on blue diamond had a few reys, kylo rens, resistance troopers, basic finns, and a lone first order stormtrooper as of this afternoon.
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    Any body seeing Resistance Rey, Solo, Unkar or any of the other newer wave figures. I've been looking everywhere. seems like the east coasters are getting all the good stuff and all we got is old Zuvios and Finns...
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    All I'm currently looking for are 6" Jango and the Black series mini helmets. I'll keep an eye out for those figures in Henderson for you.

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    The Target on Blue Diamond had a good number of the 6" Black Series Escape from Destiny two pack as of 2.27.16.

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    Very quiet on the Vegas boards...Anyone here going to SDCC?

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    Just wanted to let anyone in Vegas or Henderson know that the Kmart on sunset has about 6 of the new exclusive Jyn figures as of 9.17. They also had both exclusive Rey and Kylo.

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    Happy New Years Vegas collectors

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    Roll call.... everyone going to Celebration I am guessing??? See you there!
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    The Celebration begins and think this is the most expensive one I have been to yet. Few autographs, a couple art pieces, few lottery vendor picks, a photo op and Disney Galactic Nights....almost broke and not even there yet!

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