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Thread: The Finds Awaken

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    Forgot to post this last Friday, my apologies, but picked up 6" Sabine and Old Ben Kenobi at JCPenny Store on Lansing West Side (this wave is apparently hitting this store).
    Also found remnants of the 6" Jaina Solo wave (Rose, Snoke, etc) at Lake Lansing Rd and DeWitt Meijer (this wave is showing up at Mejer stores). Jaina was already gone at both stores.
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    For you BS 6" collectors, JCP Roseville has 1 Revan, 1 Snowtrooper, 2 Sabines, 2 Obi Wans, 2 AT-AT Drivers, 2 Leias. Toy section, some on the shelf, some in the back of the display with the FOD dolls.

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    I don't collect the 3 3/4 anymore, but I did see hooded Luke and DJ at the Brighton Target yesterday.
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    Spam - no more 3 3/4????

    That's all that I still collect but due to the lack of product, my interest has been reduced to almost zero.

    Not sure what happened at Hasbro but the days of getting new (and quality) product regularly are gone.

    It used to be that new posts were made here hourly - now we get a post a month.

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    I'm hoping that the upcoming return of the Vintage Collection will bring new life into Hasbro and the 3.75" line. I've become very apathetic towards the line for a variety of reasons (utterly ignoring the OT save for a few recent repacks in the WalMart Black Series waves, relegating SA figures to WalMart as exclusives, not producing enough product to meet consumer demand causing the secondary market to go nuts on some figures, etc.)

    I miss the old days when Hasbro would take risks and make figures that none of us ever saw coming.

    I miss the old days when Hasbro supported the TV franchises.

    I miss vehicles that weren't cheap, over-priced junk.

    I guess the take-away is that I miss the old days.

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    I miss the old days when Star Wars movies were actually not pieces of Bantha poodoo

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    Yeah Bwing...I kinda just collect the 6" black...some of them. I kinda ran out of room. For birthdays and christmas, I've gotten a couple of hot, I'd rather get a few nice things instead of throwing a bunch of little ones in a box downstairs...again, I have no room for.

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    or the old ones at

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