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Thread: Elite Series - Die Cast Action Figures

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedisquared View Post
    Sorry Disney...but no thank you.
    I've got the 6" Black Series versions so this is an easy pass for me.
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    I only have the Han black series. So maybe. But not for $60.
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    There's a weekend sale going on at the disney store site bringing most of the die cast figures down to an even $5. Missed out on the white pauldron FO trooper unfortunately.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chaingunsofdoom View Post
    Tired of over-paying for these with the Canadian dollar, I was happy to see the previously released trio from April finally hit a decent price: C$12.99. Passed on lightsaber Finn but got the 2 Troopers.

    The droid pack was over C$60... and easy pass since they're re-releases.

    Yeah, I got the Riot Trooper and Deathtrooper not too long ago when they were $12 to use the gear for the 6" BS figures. Really like how they look with the Elite gear

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    Luke and Han are online, along with all the other anniversary goods. I ordered them, plus a nice set of art prints. The resin statue of Luke and Leia looks tempting, though...

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