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Thread: Rank The Indy Movies

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    Wonder if we'll get some Indy 5 news in 2018? Only two years away from 5's release, I'd imagine it'll go into pre-production not long from now.

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    They better start filming soon!
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    Would be good if we got some news soon and I'd imagine we will at some point this year. Only two years away from now they'd be wise to get started on the script.

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    My ranking is still the same:


    Controversial I know, but I like them all very much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doomtrooper View Post
    Would be good if we got some news soon and I'd imagine we will at some point this year. Only two years away from now they'd be wise to get started on the script.
    Yeah there are going to have to pack Harrison Ford in Formaldehyde to keep him from aging. As for me the ranking stands:

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    He was in good shape in Blade Runner 2049 but at 75 he's not getting younger and can only keep at these roles for so long.

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    I got to wonder if for Indy 5 if Indy will be killed off? I doubt it but after The Force Awakens I don't think anything is out of the realm of possibility. It's supposed to be the final installment and will obviously be Harrison's final outing as the character. I'm not sure if Disney is still keeping the Young Indy TV show as canon, due to the bookends that show him in the modern age (showing he's obviously still alive at least well into the 1990s). It'd be a rough way to end the series, but after TFA it's not something to completely rule out. I could already see the fan backlash if he dies in Indy 5...

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    1. Last Crusade
    2. Raiders
    3. Temple
    4. Crystal Skull
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    I'm worried about a new Indy movie. I want my memories to be of young Harrison Ford battling on a German truck, or smacking a thug across the sand in a one armed shirt. Not slow moving Indy relying on a cast of characters to keep the action going...already have sad memories of Crystal Skull Indy.

    1. Raiders
    2. Last Crusade
    3. Temple
    4. Crystal Skull
    5. Nursing Home Jones

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    Indy is really hard.for me to rank...the first 3 are so amazingly good and offer fans a lot to enjoy and have fun with. My pesonal favs fluctuated over the years with Last Crusade and Doom being my favs at different points in my life.

    1 - Raiders (Personal grade - A+)
    The original. I mean, come on, it's pretty much perfect. A true Hollywood classic like the original Star Wars. So many iconic scenes
    and dialog in this one. Toht and Belloq are both great, evil villains with Belloq being Indy's dark rival competitor. Marion's an awesome heroine and was perfect for Indy.

    2 - The Last Crusade (personal grade - A-)
    This one is really good! The Nazis are back and we get to see young Indy for the first time! And of course Sir Sean Connery as Henry Jones Sr was perfection. The return of Sallah and Brody was also great! This one is great just like the first one. Julian Glover as Donovan is a slimy villain and really fun to watch. Elsa was a great new love interest for Indy, too. Too bad she just couldn't resist reaching for that grail!

    3 - The Temple of Doom (personal grade - B+)
    Severely underrated in my opinion. Yes, there are no Nazis but Indy would have been all over the world and that is why I really like Doom. We see Indy in a really dark story dealing with the supernatural and cults. Some people say Willie is hard to stomach, but that was the whole point of thst character. She was supposed to be annoying as hell. Which makes for some great comedic sequences in this one. And don't forget Indy's little sidekick, Short Round! The mine car and rope bridge sequences are also some of the best action scenes in the Indy movies, right up there with the desert chase in Raiders and Motorycle chase in Crusade. This one gets a bad rep. Plus, it is one of Williams' best film scores and definiely the best Indy score.

    4 - The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (personal grade - D+)
    Definitely my least favorite and the least engaging of the 4. Some bad acting and awful dialog also ruins this one. I didn't have a problem with the aliens at all like some, though. Worst scene by far is the whole jungle sequence. Was fun to see Marion come back! Ray Winstone was also fun as Mac. If this one had been made around 1992, 1993 when Ford had done Patriot Games and The Fugitive it probably would have been really great. They waited too long. The CG also doesn't look good and it keeps it from feeling like it's part of the other 3. Also a shame Lucas scratched Darabont's script which was a lot better. Which also ended up forcing Connery to dropout in a smaller return role as Sr again. I thought Shia was okay as Mutt even though some despised that role. Overall this one falls flat. A lot of the jokes don't work or feel forced and Spalko was a weak villain and my least fav of all the Indy villains.
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