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Thread: jonthejedi's mancave 2.0

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    All fantastic movies to collect from. Like you I grew up seeing all of them. To this day for instance, I consider the first Planet of the Apes a much better film than any of the new ones. Sean Connery, Alfred Hitchcock, Sigourney Weaver, Alien etc, etc , etc. all great actors, directors, movies. It's good to have room to collect all you want. Most likely I'll be doing like you once we get to move back up north. I need a whole basement for myself and my son. My wife collects I Love Lucy dolls; my son and I are always looking for SW stuff, BTTF, Harry Potter, LOTR, etc. I'll keep dropping by your mancave every now and again. Enjoy collecting!
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    You do the same. I look forward to seeing your finished basement once you move.

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    Here is my Medicom 1/6(slightly off) scale collection of figures in their new home. I regret not picking up the TIE pilot.

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    Medicoms are still present in my collection, well with the exception of ROTS Vader which I recently sold. They are nice figs, in a way better than the Sideshow counterparts

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    I let my Medi Maul go recently. That's cool you've kept them, Jon. It's nice to have different representations in ones collection if you have the space.

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    I enjoyed the RealActionHero line...even though I skipped ROTJ Luke, TIE Pilot & others. I wish I had more Marmit(only have orange pauldron sandtrooper). I also have The Rocketeer 2.0.

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