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Thread: Lego Dimensions

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    Lego Dimensions

    Looks like we'll be getting more minifigs in this "toys to life" game. Looks promising!

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    I was trying to resist this but knowing there will be Back to the Future and Wizard of Oz sets turned me. My wallets is not going to be happy about this

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    Thankfully my kids aren't into video games yet. I would have liked to pick some of the minifigs up but $15 is pretty steep for what you get from a strict piece point of view. I wish the minifig scale Invisible Jet from the Grodd set was more like the micro scale one in the expansion pack.

    LEGO Dimensions Expansions Packs Announced | The Brick Fan

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    I showed my daughter and she already wants it. Hard to keep up with the regular sets. It does look promising and I saw LOTR Balrog in there. So there are hopes that they may make separate bigger sets in the Dimensions theme. I doubt we will see any Marvel sets since it's going to compete with Disney Infinity.
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    This looks really, really cool. It's just a shame that it's only Warner Bros. properties for now...

    Regardless of whether I actually play the game, the Back to the Future and Wizard of Oz expansions will be mine!

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    I'll have to see more, but I could be interested. I'd prefer not to just buy figures to play the game, but if they release sets that incorporate them, that would be good.

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    I've known about this since September.(I know a guy at WB ).....and as a Skylander and Disney infinity fan I'm beyond excited to see what they can do with LEGO, TT Games and the format.

    My son adores the LEGO games. And the aforementioned competitors/predecessors.

    This is brilliant news for toys/videogamers and toy stores!!!

    i want them all!!!.....I hope they don't go down the Activision road with stupid variants.

    Although Infinity did a few with the crystal Variants,it seems that 2.0 hasn't(yet) succumbed to this stupid(and quite frankly pointless)marketing gimmick.

    I think TLG are beyond such tacky mainstream stunts and WANT the kids to be able to access their product.

    I expect BIG THINGS!!!(and what I have heard so far is incredible!!!)

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    Okay.Fine.You win.
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    I've never played, or even seen anyone play, any of the skylanders or other similar games.

    Can someone explain to me what the gameplay on Dimensions will be like? Are we talking simplistic, jump/attack option while you play through the levels like normal Lego games or will it be more involved than that?

    I know we don't know exactly but, could it end up being like an rpg where you can increase your characters stats/powers and have a variety of skills and attribute options that you have to choose from?

    Basically, is it what I am expecting and targeted at 6 year old kids? Or is it more involved than that?
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    Best I can say is do a search on YouTube to watch how they each play.
    Both games have it where you can upgrade each character with different powers or abilities. They have challenges and missions that you have to complete.
    I sold all my Skylanders after the second set since it's geared toward kids and not challenging at all. But the characters were really nice and they had really cool abilities. It had parts where you need certain characters in order to play different sections in the game.

    Infinity is just great fun for all ages. It has a variety of game play like driving all kinds of vehicles and a toy box mode where you can create your own world or mini game ( like Little Big Planet). It's not a hard game to play but it does have some mini challenges that were difficult for me to complete.The best part is collecting some great looking figures though my wallet disagrees.

    Not sure how Dimensions will play but it looks interesting with the mixing of the Lego worlds. Im still hoping that one of the companies will make a Call of Duty type game where you portal your character into a 12 vs 12 death match.
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    As a fan of Skylanders and Lego, this is a match made in heaven for me. I will be really broke this year.
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