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Thread: knickerbocker lord of the rings

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    Definitely a rare line trying to put together a moc graded set...patience...have the ringwraith, aragorn, and gollum...but always looking for graded figures....5 to go....

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    When I was kid, I remember seeing all of these in the store.

    I wish we could go back in time!

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    I've always wanted to round up this line, but unfortunately its one that's probably not going to happen cost wise, for me. I still keep my eyes open though.

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    So bringing back this thread....made some progress on my knickerbocker graded set....all are 80s other than frodo an 85 and gandalf a 75....all look great ...just need to complete my set with the 2 horses and samwise....any help lol?

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    Had most of these when i was a kid. the reason some of them are rarer than others is most likely the quality. My Aragorn and Ringwraith both simply "fell apart" the sonic welding or glue just gave way. I loved them though. I did however find the board game at a yard sale this past summer and it was complete!

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    Samwise found....just need the horses to complete the set!

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