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Thread: Micro Machines (2015+)

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    I got that set a few years back on ebay for a decent price. I was searching and waiting to acquire that set for years.

    I had to open the set as well. I was happy to add those exclusive microfigs to my collection.!! This set would have been even better if they included an exclusive vehicle, like maybe a Trade Federation Landing Ship.

    Rune Haako's skin color is different from the one in the 3 pk.

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    A few pictures. i recently completed the mini heads set and all of the playsets. i am currently designing a display for everything so i can put them all out in a nice arraingment
    Scimitar Assault Bomber and 5 Epic Figures needed, then I have it all!

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    in the spirit of keeping this thread active, Iím wondering if anyone here has more than one display going. Hereís a shot of the figures I keep for inspiration at the office - I just added Xizor and ghost Obi for reinforcements:
    I'm on the hunt for a Galoob 4-Lom mini-head. Any leads would be much appreciated.

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    I always thought that Chewbacca disguised as Snoova the bounty hunter was cool. I really liked Shadows of the Empire when it came out in '96.

    It's odd though that figure was never released with the Shadows of the Empire sets but in a separate microfigure pack.

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