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Thread: Micro Machines (2015+)

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    Personally I think a lot of mistakes have been made by both companies. To be fair to HW, some of their offerings are amazingly good and superior to the Titaniums: for example the ARC-170, Y-wing, arguably the OT TIE Fighter. The different Falcons were cool too - HW in flight mode, TS with landing gear down. For the individual companies though

    - distribution has been exceptionally poor aside from the original TFA re-start of the line
    - re-packs made no sense. For example the TFA Star Destroyer in a mass of OT ships didn't make sense
    - total failure to take advantage of Rogue One and the ability to re-pack. Where were the X-wings, Y-wings, ISD's, Tantive IV's, Rebel Frigate's etc amongst the U-wing, TIE Striker, Cargo Chuttle etc?
    - being more collector focused will have hurt the line

    - starting their line with ships everyone else has done to death is understandable, but a mistake. Make those ships sure, but they needed something fresh to start with too
    - total failure to repack the ships that people love: I'm looking at you, ARC-170 and Yoda's Jedi Starfighter
    - failure to release products like the Imp Hovertank 2-pack when the market was hot for R1 toys
    - failure to release new product eg Grevious' wheel bike [though I will note it's a bizarre choice for a line for kids]
    - failure to distribute new product properly, ie the Kenobi v Jango two-pack

    Ultimately both lines are effectively dead in Australia. Haven't seen any TS in a long time, meanwhile the last store stocking HW has both the Star Wars ships and cars on clearance.
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    What annoys me are the distribution. When I talk to TRU and target managers, they say the same thing. They wont carry MM anymore cause the do not sell. When i point out that everything on their shelves is 2 years old and that anyone who wanted a R2D2 head MM playset got 2 a long time ago and that is they had new stuff on the shelves like the RO 3 packs, they would be better off, the managers just shrug. They dont care. Why did the series 6 BB only go to Australia? Why did the RO delux packs never really show up in stores, but are now all over 5 Below? it is frustrating.

    Also, i wish Hasbro would stop the repacks and variants. how many different x-wings do we need? sand, snow, battle damage, blue, black, open s foils, closed. etc.
    I wish they could come up with a lot more new ship designs that havent been released at all so far, even in the old Galoob line. I loved the clone clash 3 pack. the hail fire droid and AT-TE are 2 of (IMO) best ships in either line...and of course hey had to pack it with a flipping gold ship, that no one wants. regardless, i never saw a clone clash pack in the store. i was only able to buy it off Hasbro Toy store, when it was in stock, which wasnt very long.

    as has been stated on this thread. there is a wealth of new ships and figures that could be released..but probably wont. I seriously want a venator class ship. I want MM to expand to other franchises, Battlestar galactica, firefly, the Expanse, etc.

    The RO delux packs were great i thought, new ships, new figures...impossible to find. The TRU collectors set with 60 MM in it? impossible to find in my area. R2D2 heads? everywhere.

    so Hasbro, please fix distribution. PLease get new ship packs out there...with no repacks
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    Interesting. I've not found distribution to the THAT terrible. I've seen almost everything at retail at least once. The exceptions being the Kylo Ren carry case, the gold series three packs, and series 6 blind bags. But everything else I've seen at retail, usually in more than one store. I'd say, aside from those already mentioned, the others that have been hard to find were the Rogue One three packs (saw them only once) and the gold series seven packs (saw them twice). But I've seen plenty or Rogue One seven packs in multiple stores, before they started showing up at discount stores.

    One caveat I guess is that I travel a lot for work and, while I don't always go toy hunting, I do go looking if I have time and there's a store nearby. So, while most of what I said holds true for my local stores at home, some of it only applies to work travels. For example, I've seen gold series seven packs twice, but they were both in NV (once at a target in Vegas, once at a Walmart in Reno - several months apart).

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    Distribution is an issue for most of their lines, but MM is probably near the worst, because I've only seen one local store stocking RO assortments. I was able to pick up the deluxe sets and 3-packs, but only the deluxe sets were available for FF. The 3-packs showed up randomly once, and vanished within a week.

    I admit that I prefer the original MM far better, but the new versions do have nice detail, though the plastic and paint is cheaper. I'll remain a MM collector so long as they keep releasing them. I do wish we'd get more variety, including some of the obscure ships. For RO, I'd love a Braha'tok / Dornean gunship, Hammerhead, and Profundity in a 3-pack - that's a instant rebel fleet! Hasbro could market to starship gamers, and I think sales would increase as well.

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    I am actually hoping that Hasbro releases a San Diego Comic Con micro machine exclusive set. That could revitalize the line.

    yes, i know it wont happen.
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    None of the Rogue One Micromachines or Titaniums range ever made it to New Zealand retailers that I am aware of.

    I don't think there's any chance of a SDCC set, sadly. Hasbro does not seem to consider MMs a collector-focused product.

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    Ain't that the truth. Hasbro doesn't treat Micro Machines with the status of some of the other brands they sell. I believe that MM can be one of their leading brands that can branch out to other licenses just like how Lego is doing now. I see the potential, why doesn't Hasbro?

    It would be cool to get a SDCC MM exclusive but some people would be turned off by this because of how much you would have to pay for that item if you can't make it to SDCC.

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