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Thread: Anything New In Australia!!!

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    Has anyone received anything recently from the little toy company? Not sure they are reliable when they give very limited responses to order queries and do not know the pre-order status on products that are already on retail shelves
    I've sent them an e-mail yesterday about the pre-order I've placed on May 30th and got an answer only a few hours later, you might want to try again maybe they didn't receive your message? It seems to me they are very responsive.

    I had pre-ordered the 6" Royal Guard and 40th 6" Vader set, they said they just have the Royal Guard in stock now and orders are going out.
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    My TRU had 2 x ANH Vaders left over at 10am last Friday when we got there to have a look at the new stuff (left with nothing).

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    My TRU had a full wave with Thrawn,Hera,Kylo,Luke,Rey,Vader and Stormy.

    Grabbed the Thrawn as he was the one I wanted.
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