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Thread: Anything New In Australia!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by R2OSCAR View Post
    Its a shame they never got the first wave at Big W .At least we got some .
    Target first wave, Big W second wave.

    Wish both stores sold both waves at once.

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    Went to 3 Big Ws today none had any 40th black series just the old stuff .2 Targets the same nothing .Must be a West Oz thing .

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    Quote Originally Posted by GNT View Post
    I wish target had the 2nd wave in, they'd be 50% off till tomorrow errggh
    If you can find them at Big W mate then maybe try and get them to price match with Target.

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    Any of you guys have already pre-ordered figures from ? How is their service and are they charging credit cards once the items are shipping?

    Seems they have reasonnable prices, and shipping to Europe is cheaper than from the US.

    (They currently have the 6" ERG up for pre-order at $30 AUD)
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