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Thread: Anything New In Australia!!!

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    Hello. Just throwing this out there.....I see that TRU has a great deal $99.93 AUD ($75 USD) on the SDCC Boba Fett in Australia, not available to ship to US. If someone were able to acquire this on my behalf over there, any guess on freight to ship to California? If reasonable, it might be worth setting up a network for a few of these (1-3 maybe). Of course, I'm happy to assist in returning the favor for any items that may be difficult to find on your side. Thanks in advance!

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    Hmmm....doing a bit of quoting online, I think I found my answer already. Most quotes seem to be $75 and up for postage on an estimate box and weight. Clearly, that's not practical. Doh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GNT View Post
    Target have 50% off all Star Wars toys, this does include the 40th Anniversary 6" figures as well
    Have you seen these on shelves at Target anywhere?

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    All the boba fetts must be gone just checked the TRU site . And there is no Boba there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jawarage View Post
    Have you seen these on shelves at Target anywhere?
    Yes I bought 3 for $17.50 each I've been to a number of Targets but haven't seen any others so depends on your area I suppose.

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