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Thread: Hot Toys - 1/6 Emperor

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    I'm certain that the color and detail in this version is better than the SSC, but will that be enough for me to swap?

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    This might be the 1st time I prefer SSC version over far at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sergiu View Post
    The SSC grin sculpt looks better than this IMO.

    Agree. This grin looks 'less evil'

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    IMO HT can do better. Much better. Look at their Tarkin.

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    Looks too happy but not evil happy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock View Post
    Looks too happy but not evil happy.

    well he is on the throne

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    Very true. Dropping ewoks off at the Endor community pool
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing"
    -Darth Vader

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    Man, I wish this was in the Tarkin thread so we could get "I recognized your foul stench" jokes.

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    Surprisingly, I think I'll just keep my Sideshow Emperor and throne rather than upgrading this time around. This Hot Toys version doesn't look like much of an improvement at all. I bet HT is also planning to include the throne with him rather than selling it separately, therefore forcing everyone to pay an extra $100+ for the throne even if they only wanted the Emperor and didn't want to upgrade thrones too.
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    Yeah, I'm not digging this one either. Perfectly happy with my Sideshow version:

    I have him displayed with my Hot Toys figures and he holds up just fine against them.
    Feedback thread
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