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Thread: Hangars and Mash, my one panel comics

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    Diction addiction is a serious problem for some but Gollum could use a few pointers (for that matter, Yoda, too).
    The Enterprise does look like twinkies.
    I also liked how the puppets were both literal and figurative figures.

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    With his master's appetite satiated with a little snack, the Silver Surfer heads off to find new worlds for Galactus. While waiting for a new place to eat, Galactus sits down for a little one-on-one with his old friend Gollum, in hopes of teaching him how to speak without spitting. All goes well until Gollum accidentally forgets to cross one of his T's while speaking, sending Galactus into a spiral of despair that could only be calmed with a good helping of silcon spread. In the meantime, Gollum's cousin Tommy decides to follow a career in television while Gertrude, Tommy's wife, sits down to read the paper. What she finds there shocks her into cardiac arrest, and is rushed to the hospital where she finds her secret lover waiting for her.

    Down the street a church bell rings, and we find...


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    That mutinni one is very clever, LOL.
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    I really almost forgot about it today. Lots of things on the mind.


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    Mutinni last week was the big winner for me. This week, the first three are clever, not laugh out loud funny, but more so thinking-whimsical, with 3PO really nailing the 'I'm not dead' vocal mannerism, and while the beans isn't quite my kinda funny, it is more the laugh out loud type of this group. The Emperor's expression adds to the joke, his intensity in how much he loves beans.
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    And now for some more...


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    I watched the first two movies again this weekend, ANH and ESB. They made me hate the prequels all over again. Didn't Georgie even bother to watch the previous films before he made the prequels? Why didn't R2 know Yoda and try to get the lamp back? Why didn't Obi Wan seem to remember Leia is Luke's sister? Why did Obi Wan argue about how similar he was to Luke when he (obi wan) was trained by Yoda when he was not trained by Yoda? (He was involved in a conspiracy? Obi Wan suffered heat stroke? Obi Wan started as a little baby at the temple, and Yoda was the patronizing teacher at the time?)

    but this topic has been hashed out over and over and over and over.... (but I really wish somebody had slapped Georgie silly when he suggested the stories. "No, No, No George! *slap* *slap* *slap* "



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