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Thread: God save the Emperor - A Royal Guard prototype limelight

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    God save the Emperor - A Royal Guard prototype limelight

    I've shared my ERG pre-production run on other forums and groups lately, thought I'd do a proper limelight here as well. It all started with the blue print from York's famous cantina sale back in 2006, then I've picked up approx a piece a year. I love the design of the character, so clean and evil.

    Figural 2D stuff: Staff blue print, LFL/Kenner reference photo, 35mm slide with HC

    Figural 3D stuff: handpainted protomold, black first shot leg, first shot w brown cape, bagged QC sample, stress test figure, production. The beige parts are wax, that MIGHT MIGHT be early castings from an alternate sculpt, the research continues but I think that will be tough to ever say for sure.

    Package 2D stuff: 65bk proof with Revenge text on back, 65bk QC, 65C emperor offer Cromalin, POTF early alt design mock-up (which at some point used to have picture and bubble and Kenner logo attached to it)

    One of the coolest things are that the QC index note says: "Beware of mixing up with old fabric", i.e. the brown fabric used on the first shot.


    Been fortunate to add a few smaller great items for my ERG run. Big thanks to Mete and Ross Cuddie!

    The first shot head is now out of the AFA-case and displayed on a "naked" production body. I didn't want to have a red cape before the brown cape that was later intentially changed, hence the break.

    The whole figural run incl a new "photo sample/model" used for photographing the Imperial Shuttle box diorama.

    Slides can be a nice and fun addition to a run. I especially like them for research purposes, if you can match them with a specific exciting hard copy or a mock up used in a toy fair catalog or a transperacy used for developing a print which later was retouched and created into photo art.

    Whats cool about the first slide is that there's a knob on the prototype staff, look at the blue print and you see the knob is hand drawn. So it wasn't made just for fun, but made it into the prototype stage.

    Plus the figure itself COULD be my protomolded piece, but it's next to impossible to match. And the ERG in the Shuttle cook pit could be my photo sample, but thats def impossible to say for sure.

    Photo credit: Ross Cuddie

    If you haven't checked out the great article on the archive about kenner photography I recommend you do that:

    Dug out this proof sheet today to have framed. Not an ERG item per se, but think it's a quite cool connection. And one of the figures in the pic is in my figural run as a photo sample/model.

    Thanks for looking,

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