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Thread: God save the Emperor - A Royal Guard prototype limelight

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    Thanks for all the comments guys, much appreciated.

    I updated the first post with some minor but neat additions. Enjoy...


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    You never disappoint. Stellar run Mattias and great new additions.

    Looking for ESB era First Shots - I have great trade items.

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    GREAT additions Mattias..... : )
    Love the historical photos also...
    Now, when do we get to see your Dengar collection?

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    Couldnt imagine a better home for that ERG head Mattias. That run is incredible. Enjoy and thanks for sharing!
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    That is an amazing run wow!
    BTW I love the way the slides are displayed. Need to find similar "frames" to display my slides and transparencies!

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    Seeing stuff like this really does inspire me to get into pre production stuff some day! I have a couple of character ideas, but I'm sure most of the stuff for them has already fallen into collector hands.

    Amazing run!

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