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Thread: Sansweet's Ultimate Figure Collection Book Missing Figures?

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    Sansweet's Ultimate Figure Collection Book Missing Figures?

    Hi everyone!

    Long time collector (mainly vintage) but love modern Hasbro too! I'm new to posting in forums (this is the only one I belong to) if I break a rule please just let me know so I can learn.

    What does everyone think of Sansweet's Ultimate Figure Collection book? I love it! Even tho it came out a while ago, I still flip to a random page and read up on a few figures. I know it doesn't include cardbacks, and not every figure has all of his or her accessories. But Sansweet did a great job at weeding out the repacks, which is perfect for those of us who only want 'one of everything.'

    He did however miss at least one figure, er at least I couldn't find it....the Battlefront Scout Trooper. Did anyone else catch this?

    I thought we could start a thread to list these omitted figures (if there are any others) in hopes of having them appear in an updated version if there was ever to be one. At the very least, we can create an 'addendum' to this awesome book for us completists to reference. I searched for an existing thread, but couldn't find one.

    Thanks! Happy to be part of the community! Cheers! Ty

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    That figure was just the POTJ Scout Trooper with guns glued to his hands.

    From my brief discussions with Samsweet, Curto, and Paul Harrison, that was probably not a big enough difference to call it a new figure.

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    Oh cool, thanks! I never opened mine, the gun is glued in? Boooo. :-)

    The book is epic, I can't imagine how long it took those guys to compile it. Thanks for the reply!

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