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Thread: Open belly Tauntaun flaps

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    Open belly Tauntaun flaps

    Did the open belly Tauntaun ever come with the belly flaps is actual yellow? Not aged to turn yellow, but actual yellow?
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    Nope, they were originally a slightly cream off white colour and the rubber on them tends to slowly darkens over the decades. Compared to some of the vintage items like the dagobah and death star foam I'd say the rubber on the belly actually holds up pretty well and although they do discolour all the ones I've owned have been uncracked with a nice amount of flex to them.
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    No the Tauntaun with open belly should not be yellow around the flaps. I had this toy as a kid back in the day and have seen a few since. The flap should be a similar colour to the toy as pictured on the toy box I suspect that the yellowing is caused by degradation of the soft rubber plastic used on the one you saw. Hope this helps.

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