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Thread: Question regarding vintage r2d2 sticker

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    Question regarding vintage r2d2 sticker

    First I would like to say hello. My name is Ray, I'm 44 years old and have been a SW fan since the 1st movie. Recently hit up a local guy who was selling off his collection and bought a few things in hopes my newborn might be interested in the figures when he is older like I was. Heck it's a few years before that happens but seeing this guys collection put the bug in me and I came home scouring my house for all my old SW toys. I was shocked at how much stuff I collected over the years and how much some of the things were worth.

    I did not have anything super great but looking on the dreaded ebay I quickly noticed even my loose vehicle parts are something. Anyway I was looking over my figures and my vintage r2-d2 is a little beat up. I figure I'll leave him that way but for display purposes I was thinking of getting a new one and was wondering if I needed to be concerned with the body sticker and what should I be looking out for? Besides the obvious where a sticker would like perstine is there anyway thing I should be looking for in a loose original sticker? I'm going to start hunting on craigslist for local sellers.

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    Hey guys disregard the question. I just found post asking the same thing. Sorry for that, I searched the forum before asking but nothing showed up which was strange cause the post had "Sticker" in the title.

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