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Thread: Clone Commander Cody - #14

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    Clone Commander Cody - #14

    A new 6" Clone Commander Cody is coming in the 6" line:

    Who's going to be picking this one up?

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    Having only recently discovered the Clone Wars with my own 4 year old clone, I have now discovered a love of the clones and the various characters that I never had with the PT films and I look forward to adding Cody to my PT display.

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    Cody I'd definitely one of my favorite clones, so I'll be getting him!!! Initially I was hoping that when Hasbro got around to doing phase two clones, that they'd rease the 501st first, but now I'm kinda hoping its a 212th!!!
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    if they don't pack a holo Sidious with this...FAIL
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    I'll definitely be picking this one up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MEANS View Post
    if they don't pack a holo Sidious with this...FAIL
    It's a shame that for all the Clones, their defining image is of Cody taking a phonecall

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    I love Cody. Favorite design and character from the prequels. I'll be getting one.

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    Cool news. Lets hope Hasbro includes 2 heads not a removable helmet.

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    Are we sure that it's the EP3 Cody?

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    Not sure, but that's the series-iconic one if you ask anybody.
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